I build creative frameworks for solving complex challenges


I'm a designer and facilitator who works to bring clarity, ideas and opportunities to the complex situations the world presents us with. I believe that structured, open and honest collaboration is the best way to create the value needed to create exciting, promising futures.

At the moment I’m looking to continue growing my experience and skills in facilitating strategic conversations between people and the business which could help them achieve their aims.

Since studying Product Design at the Glasgow School of Art I’ve been luck enough to have a varied start to my carrier, with employments and contract positions covering multiple design agencies, academic institutions, public sector organisations and government.

I love designing and running facilitation sessions. I’ve currently got about 300 individual sessions under my belt, ranging from two hours with two people, to a three day conference with 180 senior civil servants, to year long interventions of 18 or 24 sessions with the same group of people.

When a challenge lands on me which needs a creative, collaborative approach I get excited. The hard work of corralling information, building relationships and designing the sessions makes me feel alive. Standing up at the start of session one, drawing the attention of the group to one focal point and pushing off into the (structured) unknown is the most exciting feeling I can imagine.

My domain experience covers insurance, finance, telco, GDS, luxury retail, textile manufacture, dementia, healthcare and travel.



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